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TGZC series belt percolation drier

Main use:

TGZC series belt percolation drier is a continuously drying machine which is ideal for the dehydration of flaky,streaky,lumpish or granular materials such as traditional Chinese medicines prepared in ready-to-use forms,food,farm and sideline products, aquatic products,Fodder and chemically raw material.This drier uses the hot air as the drying agent which will continuously contact the wet materials untill they get dry.

Working principle and features:

Based on the heat exchange theory, hot air from air preheater is sent to the drying chamber to exchange heat with the wet materials on the belt ,then water will get vaporized and materials get dry.

The drier consists of nine parts: electric cabinet,lifting unit,conveyor belt,uptake shaft and hydrofuge system,vibration sieve,vapour pipes system,air supply system, drying chamber and underframe.

Materials are lifted directly over the drying chamber by conveyor belt and then unloaded on the first-layer net belt.There are five layers of net belts in the drying chamber,the speeds of which slow down from top to bottom, this accords with the drying rules of materials.There are two temp. zone in the drying chamber, the top two layers are high-temp. zone and the 3rd / 4th layers are low-temp. zone, the 5th is the cooling layer.To ensure enough contacting time of the hot air with the wet materials, the air is sent through three layers and the air quantity is adjustable. The dried materials are unloaded to the vibration sieve and will then be packed for storage.


Continuous and easy oerations, less manpower and large production capacity;

large contacting area and automatic stirring which can promote the homogeneity and speed of drying;

the belt speed is controlled by continuous speed change device and the operating time is adjustable;

The cooling layer in the drying chamber can prevent the materials from being polluted and the needs for hygiene can be easily met.


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