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TGXF series boiling drier


Boiling drier is also called as fluidized-bed. It consists of air filter, heater, fluidized-bed main machine, feeder, cyclone separator, bag duster, high-pressure centrifuge fan, operation table and so on. Because the properties of raw materials exist difference, when dust removing equipment is equipped, it should consider the practical needs. It can select cyclone separator and bag duster at the same time or one of them. In general speaking, it needs to select cyclone separator only for raw material that is large in specific gravity and bag duster for powder and small granule raw materials that is light in specific gravity. Meanwhile there is complete feeder for selection.

Principle of work:

Separated granule solid raw material is fed into fluidized-bed drier through feeder. Fresh air through filtering and heating is sent to the bottom of fluidized-bed by fan and contacts with solid raw material on distributing plate. In this way the fluidized state is formed and the heat exchange between air and solid is carried out. The dried raw material is discharged from outlet and wasted gas is exhausted from the top of fluidized-bed where catches solid powder through cyclone separator, bag duster.

Heat source:

Steam, electricity or hot air furnace can be used (it can be supplied as request)


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