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TGZPL series high-speed centrifugal spraying dryer

As a main product of our company, spraying drying set is a kind of centrifugal or pressurized atomizer, which atomizes liquid materials such as solution, suspension, emulsion or paste into tiny droplet(surface area increased) and dry them into powder product at once(several to dozens of seconds) by contacting hot air.

Principle of Operation:

Air is transferred into hot air by passing through the heater, and goes into the hot air separator on the top of the dryer, then goes into the drying room evenly. At the same time liquid materials are sent to the centrifugal atomizer on the top of the dryer by the screw pump with stepless speed regulation, and atomized into tiny droplet which will contact hot air, then dried into dry product within shortest time. The finished product will be discharged by the whirlwind separator on the bottom of the drying tower and waste air is exhausted by air fan.


A.Fast drying speed. Liquid materials after atomization will increase its surface area largely and can be evaporated its moisture 65% to 98% instantly in the hot air flow so as to finish drying within 5 to 15 seconds. It is specially suitable for drying of heatsensitive materials.

B.Dried products have even granule, good flowability and solubility, high purity and good quality.

C.Simple and stable operation, easy adjustment and control as well as automation.

D.Simplifying process of production, superior and sanitary operation environment, and flying dust can be avoided during the drying process.

Scope of application:

1. organic and inorganic chemical raw materials

2. plastic resin

3. egg and milk product and foodstuff

4. condiment and spicy

5. extracts of plant and Chinese traditional medicines

6. Western medicines

7. Porcelain and construction materials


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